Parks Listing


Alex Hamilton-Metz Field
Albany, East New York, Lefferts Avenues

Dr. Ronald McNair Park
Eastern Parkway, Washington Avenue, Classon Avenue

IS 320 Playground
Sullivan Place, Franklin Avenue, Montgomery Street

Larry and Jason’s Playground
Sterling Street, Empire Boulevard, New York Avenue

Lincoln Road Playground
Prospect Park Lincoln Road, Ocean Avenue

Lincoln Terrace Park
Rochester Avenue, East New York Avenue, Buffalo Avenue

Mount Prospect Park
Eastern Parkway, Washington Avenue

Rolf Henry Playground
New York Avenue, Clarkson Avenue

Sullivan Place Playground
Sullivan Place west of Nostrand Avenue

Prospect Park
Prospect Park West, Flatbush Avenue

PS 92 Playground
Rogers Avenue, Parkside Avenue, Winthrop Street

Wingate Park
Southeast Corner Brooklyn Avenue, Rutland Road