Winter Weather Information

Date posted: March 13, 2017

SUMMARY – A major winter storm will impact New York City tonight Through Tuesday.

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A major winter storm with blizzard conditions.
Snowfall rates of 2-4 inches per hour is possible between 5:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Some whiteout conditions are possible during this timeframe.
The storm track is trending farther north and west, which may result in warmer temperatures and for some areas to see less snow and other areas to see the addition of sleet.
12-17 inches of snow across much of NYC is expected, with the higher totals seen in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Northern Queens.
The worst case scenario would see NYC getting 21-24 inches of snow.
Windy conditions, with sustained winds of 30-35 MPH and 50-55 MPH gusts are expected.
Coastal flooding, minor to locally moderate impacts are possible.


Snow is expected to begin after midnight tonight. Coastal flooding during high tide cycles Tuesday morning into the afternoon.
Heaviest bands of snow expected between 5:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Snow begins to taper between 3 PM and 5 PM, however; some snow showers are possible through Wednesday.
Windy conditions are expected tomorrow morning through late afternoon.


Expect at least: 1-7 inches (10% chance)
Most likely: 13-17 inches (80% chance)
Potential for: 21-24 inches (10% chance)
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Tonight: Low temperature around 30 degrees. Wind chill values between 15 and 25.
Tuesday: 32/21. Wind chill values between 10 and 25.
Wednesday: 32/20. Wind chill values between 10 and 15.


· A Blizzard Warning in effect from March 14, 12:00 AM until March 15, 12:00 AM.
· Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect March 14th from 0800 hours until 1200 hours for Manhattan.
· Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect March 14th from 1200 hours until 1600 hours for North Bronx and North Queens.
· Coastal Flood Advisory is in effect March 14th from 0800 hours until 1200 hours for Staten Island, Brooklyn and South Queens.

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