Date posted: October 30, 2018
Community Partners,
As many of you may have heard: torrential downpours brought on by Tropical Storm Bret affecting Trinidad & Tobago has left over 100,000 flood victims in need of urgent assistance.
As of October, 28, 2018 The Trinidad & Tobago Overseas Coalition, in association with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office, and Cacci will be launching The Trinidad & Tobago Flood Relief Effort in NYC.
Please review below items needed, and drop-off points in Brooklyn:
Members of the general public are requested to donate the following items:
1. Canned & Other Non-Perishable Food (not expired)
3. Blankets/Linen & Portable/Inflatable Mattresses
4. Clothing Items (under & outerwear for M/F adults/children – all sizes | Only New & Gently Used Clean Items
5. Shoes & Slippers (M/F adults and children — all sizes)
6. Personal Items (body soap, lotions, toothpaste, too the brushes, sanitary pads, etc)
7. Diapers – all sizes for children and adults
8. School Supplies – notebooks, pencils, pens, backpacks
9. Cleaning Detergents/Disinfectants
10. Mops & Brooms
11. Flashlights & Batteries
12. Portable Solar Powered Lights & Outlets
13. Medical Supplies – saline solution, bandages, syringes, chucks
DROP-OFF POINTS | OCT. 30 – NOV. 7, 2018
The requested items may be left in barrels at any of the locations listed below:
1. 204 Parkside, Brooklyn, NY
2. Allans Bakery, 1109 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY
3. Culpeppers Restaurant, 1082 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY
4. Expressions in Ceramics, 1151 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY
5. 5502 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY
6. 770 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY (ONLY ON Wed., Nov. 7, 7AM – 11PM)
Thank you for your anticipated charitable support.20181029_101541
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