Release of the Worst Landlords Watchlist

Date posted: November 24, 2015

Every tenant deserves to live in safety and security and every apartment needs to meet basic standards of decency. That’s why, today, my office released our annual Worst Landlords Watchlist. This Watchlist identifies the landlords in our City who are neglecting and harassing tenants, and puts them on notice. We will not tolerate this type of behavior in New York City.

This list also provides tenants with the resources, tools, and support they need to stand up to bad landlords and protect their rights. This year’s list is stronger than ever, with data from Housing Preservation and Development, Department of Buildings, and Housing Courts in the City to provide even stronger support to tenants.

We look at this worst landlords list as an equalizer. Landlords have their own list of tenants they do not want in their buildings, so we are keeping track of the worst of them.

The list is not a cure-all, but we have seen improvements in buildings from previous year’s and we will continue to hold these landlords accountable until all New Yorkers have a safe and decent home.

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