Health and Social Services Committee

Date: November 05th, 2015

Time: 7:00pm

Venue: Community Board 9

Address: 890 Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn

Contact: Terri Witherspoon

Phone: 1-718-778-9279




For discussion:

  • Assign and discuss task / set date for community outreach
  1. Go over new material from the Department of Aging.
  2. Chose two committee members to visit senior centers.
  3. Further discuss on need assessment for senior who are not affiliated with a centers.
  4. Set date and location for outreach assessment.


  1. Call Senior Center Directors and get possible date to visit centers after January 2016.
  2. Put together a standard letter to send out to Block Association Presidents and churches regarding their senior’s needs.
  3. Report from members who was assigned task from the last meeting.
  • Open floor discussion.